Quick Start

How to start with XPay

XPay is framework-agnostic so you can use it in any javascript environment.

Install library

Installation via node package manager npm:

npm i @xswap-link/sdk

Basic Setup

To set up XPay in your project, follow these steps:

import { openTransactionModal } from "@xswap-link/sdk";

Open XPay modal with example configuration

const transactions = await openTransactionModal({
  integratorId: "xxxxx", // XSwap Integrator ID
  dstChain: "8453", // Base
  dstToken: "0x8fe815417913a93ea99049fc0718ee1647a2a07c", // XSWAP Token

Execute transactions and enjoy the power of interoperability!

NOTE if you need integratorId then Apply Here

For a more detailed example please check the example project on Github

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