XSwap Airdrop Season #1

We’re thrilled to announce the Season #1 $XSWAP airdrop.

This airdrop is our way of showing appreciation to the community members who have actively participated in and supported the growth of the XSwap ecosystem.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all users who have utilized our Cross-Chain solutions. Your engagement has been a driving force in shaping XSwap into a leading platform in the interoperability space. We are committed to constant innovation and providing value to our community. With that in mind, let’s dive into the exciting details of our upcoming airdrop.

Eligibility criteria

Your airdrop allocation is dependent on your activity in different fields. In total, you can collect up to 100 points. The minimal amount to classify for an airdrop is 14 points.

Here's how the points are distributed:

•Leaderboard position (max 44 points)

Top 10,000 users: 2 points

Top 5,000 users: additional 2 points (total of 4 points)

Top 2,000 users: additional 4 points (total of 8 points)

Top 500 users: additional 4 points (total of 12 points)

Top 100 users: additional 12 points (total of 24 points)

Top 10 users: additional 20 points (total of 44 points)

To reward the most faithful marines, we are distributing additional bonus for the top 3 users in leaderboard. 1st place- 10,000 $XSWAP 2nd place- 6,000 $XSWAP 3rd place- 4,000 $XSWAP

•Transaction count (max 13 points) -Make at least 3 Cross-Chain swaps: 2 points -Make at least 10 Cross-Chain swaps: additional 4 points (total of 6 points) -Make at least 50 Cross-Chain swaps: additional 7 points (total of 13 points) •Blockchains count (max 10 points) -Make swaps from at least 2 blockchains: 2 points -Make swaps from at least 3 blockchains: additional 3 points (total of 5 points) -Make swaps from at least 4 blockchains: additional 5 points (total of 10 points) •Early adopters (max 20 points) -Make swap before 01.04.2024 (April 1st): 4 points -Make swap before 01.03.2024 (March 1st): additional 16 points (total of 20 points) •Consistency (max 13 points) -Make swaps over 2 different weeks: 2 points -Make swaps over 3 different weeks: additional 4 points (total of 6 points) -Make swaps over 6 different weeks: additional 7 points (total of 13 points) You can check your eligibility here To provide fair airdrop distribution across organic users, we’ve been cooperating with Trusta Labs - An Open, Trusted Global ID and Reputation Network.

Airdrop distribution rules and claiming period

You’ll be able to claim your airdrop for the period of 14 days. starting at TGE (06.05.2024 14:00 UTC - May 6th). Claim portal:

All unclaimed tokens will be distributed in the next seasons. There are 2 ways to claim your tokens:

  1. Get a 20% Bonus: Claim 25% of your airdrop immediately and receive the remaining 75% through a three-month linear vesting period.

  2. Immediate claim: Loose the additional 20% bonus but claim all of your tokens right away.

Snapshot The snapshot was taken on April 25th, 2024 at 7:00 AM UTC. We appreciate your patience and continued support.

… and remember that every point matters. #Season2

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