Airdrop Season #2

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Season #2 $XSWAP airdrop, our way of showing love to the community members who have supported and participated in the growth of the XSwap ecosystem.

In Season #2 we defined all eligibility criteria and rewards for each winner and the only thing that matters is your position in the Leaderboard!

Earning XPoints is crucial to moving up the Sesson #2 Leaderboard and claiming your share of the massive 2,185,000 $XSWAP (~$300,000) prize pool!

Staking XSwap not only reduces your transaction fees, but also boosts your XPoints score, making it easier to climb the leaderboard!

Season #2 Airdrop: ~$300,000 Prize Pool

  • Total of 2,185,000 $XSWAP in rewards, which equals ~$300,000 at the current $XSWAP price.

  • 200,000 $XSWAP (~ $25,000) for the top 1 participant.

  • Top 500 participants on the Leaderboard will be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

The allocation for this airdrop depends entirely on your leaderboard position, which is gained from activity and engagement in using our XSwap ecosystem. Here’s how you can earn your spot on the leaderboard and qualify for the airdrop:

How to Earn Points

Accumulate points through the following activities to improve your leaderboard position:

  • Cross-Chain Swaps: Execute cross-chain swaps on the XSwap platform.

  • Referral System: Invite new users to join the XSwap ecosystem.

  • Swap Count Bonus: Increase your number of swaps to earn additional points.

Swap Count Bonus:

1-4 transactions: 500 points 5-14 transactions: 1,500 points 15-49 transactions: 5,000 points 50-99 transactions: 10,000 points 100-249 transactions: 15,000 points 250-499 transactions: 30,000 points 500-999 transactions: 50,000 points More than 1000 transactions: 100,000 points

XPower Points and Staking boost

Staking the XSwap token offers significant benefits, including reduced transaction fees. Additionally, staking can help boost your leaderboard position:

  • Sergeants receive a 10% point boost

  • Officers receive a 15% point boost

  • Admirals receive a 20% point boost

Stake now:

Make sure to monitor your XPoints earnings to always be ahead of the curve:

Leaderboard Rewards

Top participants will receive the following rewards from the total pool of 2,185,000 $XSWAP:

  • 1st place: 200,000 $XSWAP

  • 2nd place: 100,000 $XSWAP

  • 3rd place: 60,000 $XSWAP

  • 4th-5th places: 30,000 $XSWAP each

  • 6th-10th places: 20,000 $XSWAP each

  • 11th-20th places: 15,000 $XSWAP each

  • 21st-50th places: 8,000 $XSWAP each

  • 51st-100th places: 6,000 $XSWAP each

  • 101st-150th places: 5,000 $XSWAP each

  • 151st-225th places: 3,500 $XSWAP each

  • 226th-325th places: 2,000 $XSWAP each

  • 326th-500th places: 1,500 $XSWAP each

The points are counted from April 25th, 2024 7:00 AM UTC which marks the snapshot of airdrop season #1

Claiming and Distribution

You will have two options for claiming your airdrop rewards:

  1. 3-Month Linear Vesting: Distributed evenly over a three-month period.

  2. Immediate Claim and Stake: Choose to claim 100% of your airdrop tokens right away and stake them in an Intergalactic Command Staking Pool. By staking, you can immediately benefit from reduced transaction fees, earn additional rewards, and participate in our ecosystem token airdrops.

Select the option that best suits your strategy and maximize your benefits in the XSwap ecosystem. You’ll be able to decide on how you want to claim your airdrop for the period of 14 days.

Stay tuned as we unveil the full details of Season #2 distribution and timeline. In the meantime, let's dive into the action. Exciting rewards await, so gear up and join us in the journey to shape the future of DeFi!

Let’s continue to grow together, Marines! #Season2

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