Core Concepts

XPay core concepts


Interoperability between blockchain networks is a significant challenge due to the complexity of underlying technologies. XPay simplifies this by providing a seamless interface for cross-chain transactions. By leveraging Chainlink's CCIP, XPay ensures secure and reliable interoperability, enabling the execution of smart contracts on different chains.


Our project recognizes the effort needed to create a solution that will be capable of handling multiple networks at once and fully take advantage of cross-chain technologies like the chainlinks CCIP. That is why we are dedicated to delivering various UI for broad use cases to streamline the integration process. The UI is written in pure JavaScript and can be implemented on any website. Below you will find our modal UI that can be used for Cross-chain Token purchases.

Programmable Token Transfers

The Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is far more than a simple token bridging solution. It’s a generalized cross-chain messaging protocol for transferring tokens (value), messages (data), or both tokens and messages simultaneously within a single cross-chain transaction—referred to as Programmable Token Transfers.

In effect, XPay Programmable Token Transfers enable smart contracts to transfer tokens cross-chain along with instructions on what the receiving smart contract should do with those tokens once they arrive on the destination chain. This revolutionary concept of wrapping value and instructions together allows tokenized value to interact automatically and dynamically once it arrives at a destination, opening up a world of new possibilities.

XPay Programmable Token Transfers enable to interact with smart contracts on other blockchain networks without needing to integrate or directly interact with that blockchain. All they need to do is send instructions to using XPay on how to interact with the selected blockchain smart contracts.

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