Introducig XPay is a powerful payment tool designed to simplify cross-chain transactions. Built on Chainlink's CCIP, XPay ensures top security and simple integration across multiple blockchains.

XPay offers a variety of tools designed to leverage the advanced cross-chain routing solutions provided by XSwap. This SDK enables other projects to seamlessly integrate cross-chain interactions into their platforms, utilizing the same robust backend infrastructure as XSwap, but with the flexibility to define custom interactions tailored to specific needs.

Key Features

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Facilitate seamless asset movements across different blockchain networks.

  • Framework Agnostic: Easily integrate with any JavaScript environment or framework.

  • User-Friendly Integration: Simplified setup and usage to minimize development time and effort.

  • Enhanced Security: Built on Chainlink's secure and reliable Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), ensuring safe cross-chain transactions.

How it works

Our solution enables the execution of any smart contract on the destination chain while ensuring an exceptional user experience. Below, you will find a visual representation of the process, illustrated with a cross-chain token purchase example.

Interoperability Made Easy

At XSwap, we understand that the primary challenge in achieving interoperability is the complexity of underlying technology. With XPay, we streamline this process, converting single-chain applications into cross-chain applications within minutes. Our framework-agnostic user interface ensures a seamless experience when selecting chains and tokens for transactions, making the process intuitive and user-friendly.

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