LBP Launch

XSwap LBP Sale will take place on the Fjord platform.

What is Fjord?

Fjord Foundry is a protocol connecting innovative projects and engaged backers through a community-focused platform, offering fair and transparent LBPs and token sale events.

Fjord Sale Details: • Start Date: Thursday, 25th, 17:00 UTC • End Date: Sunday, 28th, 17:00 UTC • Duration: 72H • Chain: Ethereum • Tokens Release: 100% TGE • Link to sale:

Why did we choose Fjord? Our main goal, in building XSwap is to focus on the community. We’re more than sure, that it’s the most important part of any crypto project. The idea behind Fjord's launch is to democratize access to early-stage opportunities for our community and bootstrap liquidity seamlessly and straightforwardly. We want $XSWAP to be accessible to all, not just a privileged few. Currently, it’s the fairest launch form with community-driven price discovery and valuation adequate to the project’s development. The unique high-to-low pricing mechanism allows the community to dictate the fair market value, ensuring everyone gets in on equal terms.

As we’re DeFi oriented project, we aim to give you a decentralized experience at its finest.

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